"Ever since I was a little boy, I have dreamed of opening a pizzeria… Maybe because I am fascinated by how pizza has travelled the world, maybe because I adore the fun, family-friendly atmosphere of pizzerias, or maybe because I love a challenge. Very probably, for all of these reasons." 
José Avillez

Just a few steps ahead from Cantinho do Avillez, there is Pizzaria Lisboa, owned by chef José Avillez. From Monday to Sunday, Pizzaria Lisboa provides fine Mediterranean flavours in a very relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. "I have a huge passion for cooking and nothing thrills me more than thinking of a new concept, creating a menu, looking for the best ingredients, perfecting recipes and coming up with the ideal scenario to serve the food. That's how Pizzaria Lisboa was born. The name came from my desire to pay homage to this city, which to me is one of the world's most beautiful".

Pizzaria Lisboa offers a wide range of pizzas, fresh salads, pasta dishes, risottos and irrestible desserts. "Just like in my other restaurants, here nothing was left to chance. We ordered the best wood-fired oven, found the best 00 flour, brought in San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella Fior de Latte, and quality Portuguese ingredients that are a perfect match. On a trip to Modena, I tried the best dough ever and I was in awe with the dish's quality and apparent simplicity. At Pizzaria Lisboa, I want to offer these simple and genuinely Mediterranean flavours, prepared with skill”.

Cofinanciado por:   2020 Pizzaria Lisboa